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Von: P.M.Sutcliffe []
Gesendet: Montag, 25. April 2005 14:12
An: Varesi Andreas
Cc: europhysics letters; P.M.Sutcliffe
Betreff: Your submission to EPL: G16208

Dear Mr Varesi,

Please find below two referees reports on your article "Relativistic re-evaluation of the Michelson-Morley...". As both reports are critical of your article I am afraid that we are unable to publish it in Europhysics Letters.
Yours sincerely, Paul Sutcliffe (Co-editor).
Report A
This article claims that application of the "laws of Special Relativity"
lead to an "astonishing" result.
This conclusion escapes me. Since the theory of Special Relativity was designed to be compatible with the results of the MM experiment it seems hardly astonishing that the author's
virtual reality experiment, based on this theory, conforms.
Perhaps the confusion can be traced to his insistence on the necessity for global inertial frames.
The section on "inconsistencies" is muddled in my view and the statement that " a stationary framework is required to enable
evaluation of Einstein's twin paradox" is incorrect.
There is no conflict between the laws of SR (or GR) and the existence of a cosmic 4-velocity determined by the motion of galaxies (or radiation or anything else for that matter) and tidal gravitational fields routinely generate world lines with non-zero relative 3-velocities.
I cannot recommend this article for publication.
Report B
The paper does not contain any new result and is therefore not suitable for publication in Physics Letters. The author found that in
the calculation of the interference figure of the famous MM experiment the velocity of the Earth cancels out if the Lorentz transformations are used. He claims this result to be "astonishing",
but actually it is most natural as the theory of relativity was developed for several reasons, but certainly also for explaining the negative result of the MM experiment.
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